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The Lochinvar Boiler payback calculator performs simple payback analysis that is based on simple, rudimentary assumptions.

A simple method is offered to derive a general Heat Loss for the home or building. A estimated Btu per Sq. Ft. loss is offered that is based on construction methods and criteria for housing in the U.S. This number is multiplied by the Square Footage of the home or building to provide an estimated Heat Loss for comparative purposes. This number is subjective and should be replaced by the actual building Heat Loss number if it is known.

To utilize the calculator enter the following information:
1. The Average Heat Loss as determined by the size and age of the Home (the calculator assumes an average heat loss for a 15-50 year old building).
2. The Cost per Therm for Natural gas and the Heating Load Hours if different from the National average

For each individual Boiler enter the following information:
1. AFUE 
2. Boiler Input
3. Total Equipment and Installation Cost

The calculator will provide an estimated fuel cost difference which is utilized to determine a payback period based on the cost difference between the two boilers.

The calculator will determine an estimated increase in fuel consumed. This increase can also be applied to correlate the increase in flue byproducts and green house gases released into the atmosphere with the lower efficiency product.